Richard Stieglitz, PhD Stuart H. Sorkin, JD, LL.M, CPA

Put More Money In Your Pocket!

Selling or buying a business can be a lucrative but risky transaction – it’s all too easy to sell yourself short or to overpay as the buyer. If you want to avoid the costly mistakes that many business owners make in M&A transactions, this book is for you. It provides valuable guidance on how to prepare for and negotiate your deal, and how to leave the bargaining table with more money in your pocket!


“Great read for buyers, sellers, and M&A professionals”
“Full of real-world stories with valuable M&A insights”
“Accurately describes the pain of exiting a company”
“Avoid these mistakes to increase your odds of success”
“Gave me a strategy to increase my company’s value”
“Brilliant look into psychology of mid-market deals”